3 day Game of Thrones Itinerary

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Game of Thrones Itinerary Map

Your quest begins in Tollymore Forest Park in County Down. Just a beautiful park? No, not just. It was here where the first scene from Game of Thrones episode one, season one was filmed. Three Night’s Watch men ride into The Haunted Forest, aka Tollymore, and before long they fall foul of a dreaded White Walker.

Tollymore Forest was also the setting for Theon’s failed escape attempt. He crashes through the woods only to be captured by the twisted Ramsay Snow in season three. With plenty of rich woodland, bridges, caves and gothic-style gates, Tollymore is an appropriately dramatic start to your Westeros adventure. But the fantastical fun doesn’t stop – next is Inch Abbey just further north and west. The 800-year-old abbey and its surrounds pop up in the show as often as Hodor says “Hodor”… and that’s a lot.

Inch Abbey to Castle Ward, County Down

It was here that Catelyn Stark crossed over a bridge to The Twins to negotiate a treaty with the cowardly Freys. The Quoile River was used to depict the Riverlands area – home of the Tullys – and the Red Fork. Inch Abbey’s surrounds, too, were used to shoot Hoster Tully’s funeral.

In the same neck-of-the-woods, Arya and The Hound ride horseback towards the Red Fork. Of course, the 12th century ruins of Inch Abbey make for a fascinating visit despite all the fantastical bloodshed.


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