Eight secrets about Disneyland

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Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

1. There are dead bodies in the Haunted Mansion

People try to scatter the ashes of their beloved ones at Disneyland. Such an occurrence happened in the Haunted Mansion.

2. The cats own the night

Each night at Disneyland the park fills up again with hundreds of feral cats. Park officials love the felines because they help control the mouse population.

3. It’s a good place to be a flasher, again

Just before the final, five-story drop on Splash Mountain, Disney cameras take a snapshot of the riders to catch their facial expressions. But in the late 1990s, the photographs took a turn for the obscene after exhibitionists started baring their breasts for the camera.

In its effort to curb this Tourists Gone Wild phenomenon, Disney began hiring employees to monitor the photos, training them to pull anything offensive before it got displayed on the big screen.

4. Fully formed mustaches are welcome

For 43 years, Disney theme park workers were forbidden from growing facial hair.

Today, in order to have a mustache at the park, Disney employees must either have them when they’re hired or grow them during vacation.

5. Disney World is its own city

Disney petitioned the Florida State legislature to let the company govern its own land, essentially making Disney World a separate city.

Governments often create special districts for private companies because the arrangement is mutually beneficial.

It has the authority to open schools, create its own criminal justice system, and open a nuclear power plant — although it hasn’t chosen to do any of those things yet. The company also holds all of the seats on the board, and it can always count on its residents’ support. After all, they’re all Disney employees.

6. They paint the town green

The less-than-magical parts of the park, such as fences, garbage bins, and administrative buildings, are all coated in a color known as “Go Away Green” — a shade that’s meant to help things blend in with the landscaping.

7. You can shoot hoops inside a mountain

Disneyland’s Matterhorn is best known for its bobsled-like roller coaster that twists down the giant peak. Inside the 147-ft. mountain lurks a basketball court.

8. Disneyland’s speakeasy

Hidden behind a dull green door in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square is one of the park’s most exclusive and mysterious attractions: a VIP lounge called Club 33.

Walt Disney built the club as a secret hideaway for dignitaries and celebrities, and he even went to New Orleans to personally pick out the knickknacks for the interior.

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