A Pint of Guinness and a Packet of Nails Please!

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Coming from Sweden, where any type of drinking activity is heavily regulated, Foxy John’s Bar, Hardware and Bicycles in the little sleepy town of Dingle, southwest of Ireland, comes as a pleasant revelation. In Sweden this business combination would probably not be allowed, but this is in Ireland where things are a bit more relaxed.

Foxy John’s treat you to a travel back in time. The walls are painted in an industrial-retail 1950’s deep gloss yellow, with traditional wooden panels. This is more or less the interior standard of many pubs and shops in Ireland from the good old days, the ones taking no notice of the Celtic Tiger’s boom and bust. Here Estwing Hammers and Milwaukee cordless drills have to compete for their own space among the store’s older stock, Tea Kettles of long forgotten makes crammed on the shelves next to drinking locals in the store’s bar.

This is shopping in the slow lane, the old Irish style where the whole experience is about socialising or having a bit of craic, as the locals call it. You might go in for a few nails but come out a few hours later, enjoying a very relaxed shopping experience.

by Thor Larsson

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