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(TRAVPR.COM) INDIA – July 25th, 2012 – Rajasthan is one of the most extraordinary travel destinations in India known in all over the world for its many spectacular fort and palace buildings . Often referred to as as the “Land of Kings”, Rajasthan was the home of fearless Rajput rulers. The state reveals their glorious past, courage, sacrifice and high living standards in every aspect. Their stunning forts and extravagance living palaces are the best means to discover the exceptional history of Rajputs. Five of the most interesting forts and palaces of the state of Rajashan are the following.

Junagarh Fort

Junagarh Fort is one of the most impressive fort complexes in Rajasthan located in Bikaner, the “City of Camel”. Built in 16th century, the fortress has not been captured by any external ruler till date except a Mughal ruler Kamran Mirza only for single day. It was well decorated with beautiful courtyards, balconies, temples, palaces and a well stocked museum that exhibits beautiful paintings, royal costumes, royal orders and armory collection.

Chittorgarh Fort

Chittorgarh Fort is the largest fort complex not only in Rajasthan but also across the Asian continent. It is located in southern region of Rajasthan about 112 km away from Ajmer. The massive fort complex is the witness of some major battles in history. It is the symbol of patriotism, courage and sacrifices of Mewar rulers their armies, women and children as well.

Amber Fort

It is the most visited fort in Rajasthan located at the outer edge of Jaipur, capital city of the state. The impressive fort complex is made over the Aravalli hill in four levels. It has many beautiful gates, courtyards, temples and well maintained garden. Elephant safaris are very popular inside that is also the best way to explore this complex. Top front offers wonderful views of picturesque Maota Lake.

Jaisalmer Fort

Located on the top of the Jaisalmer, the “Desert City of India”, the majestic Jaisalmer Fort is the only living fort around the world. About one-fourth population of the city is living inside this fort complex. It is made up of yellowish sandstone that appears lush golden in sunlight make it famed as the Golden Fort or Sonar Kila

Lake Palace

Located in the middle of Pichola Lake on a verdant island in Udaipur, Lake Palace is the most beautiful place in Rajasthan. It was served as the summer residence by royal family members. Now the Lake Palace is converted in a luxury heritage hotel that offers world class accommodation and tourist services. Boat ride over Pichola Lake is the only way to reach at the hotel that makes it more exciting for travelers. So, on your Rajasthan tours must enjoy stay at this beautiful palace. It will give you the real experience of luxurious and grand lifestyle of Rajputs.

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