Travelling to Disneyland Paris with small children

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Disneyland Paris 001
Disneyland Paris 001 (Photo credit: Roller Coaster Philosophy)

Disneyland Paris is the perfect playground for the whole family and an especially magical place for young children. Children’s dreams become reality as they fly over the roofs of London on Peter Pan’s Flight, follow Alice into the labyrinth of Wonderland or experience the thrill of meeting Mickey Mouse or a Disney Princess for the first time.


Some tips for navigating Disneyland Paris with children:

  • The “Baby Switch” option lets couples with young children shorter than the height limit for some attractions take turns without having to go back and queue up a second time. A parent who waits with a young child while the other parent rides the attraction can get on the ride with minimal wait time once the first parent comes off.
  • To save time, use the free FastPass system, accessible to everyone to reduce wait-time at six major Disneyland Park attractions, plus the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Walt Disney Studios Park. A special machine at the entrance to each one of the attractions issues tickets within a specific time. When that time comes, you can access the attraction in just a few minutes via a special entrance.
  • Baby Care centres at the Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios Parks provide a place to warm up bottles and meals and change children’s nappies. Nappies and baby food can be purchased here, and it’s the place for parents to come if they’ve been separated from their children.
  • Arrive early in the parks, then take a mid-day break for lunch and naps. Head back to the theme parks mid-afternoon when everyone is well-rested and ready for more fun.
  • For an easy introduction to the Disney characters, make a reservation for acharacter meal, tea time for tots or birthday parties organized in the Disneyland Park.
  • In Disneyland Park, let kids get the “wiggles out” at play spots like Alice’s Curious Labyrinth in Fantasyland, Adventure Isle in Adventureland, Critter Corral-Woody’s Roundup Village or Pocahontas Indian Village playground in Frontierland.
  • While youngsters are typically captivated by all of Disneyland Resort Paris, be sure to seek out attractions and activities that are appropriates for little ones. (Some may be too intense and some may apply height restrictions.) At Walt Disney Studios Park, many of the Toon Studios attractions, “Stitch Live!” or Playhouse Disney Live on stage! at Production Courtyard.
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