Don’t miss these top 10 Tourist attractions in Dublin

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Dublin is the city where everybody seems to know each other and you are greeted with hospitality where ever you go as a tourist. One of the city’s main features is all the nice pubs found in every corner where you can enjoy traditional and new music. For anybody who wants to do a bit of shopping there are plenty of fashion shops representing modern Irish design. Many famous people have emerged from the city such as Bono, Jonathan Swift, James Joyce, Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde.
(Top photo, The Gravity Bar, Guinness Store House)

The Black Stuff Dublin
“The Black Stuff”

1.Guinness Museum, Guinness Store House

It’s hard to ignore one of Ireland’s biggest exports – Guinness – and the place where it’ was born, the Guinness Store House. Here you will learn the whole history about “the Black Stuff” and the way it is made, in a modern multimedia exhibition environment. You will also find out if Guinness is made from water of the River Liffey running through Dublin, as Prince Philip famously asked during the Queen Elisabeth’s stately visit to Ireland last year. On the top of the seven storey high building you find the Gravity Bar. The bar is worth the admission in itself. Here you can relax with an expert poured Guinness admiring a spectacular 360 degrees panorama view over Dublin(Top photo).

Whiskey barrels at Jameson Whiskey Distillery Dublin


2.Old Jameson Distillery

The building was once the place where the Jameson Whiskey was distilled and has now been tuned into a museum.  Here you can re-live the story of John Jameson, the Scotch founder and discover the secret of how three simple ingredients – water, barley and yeast turn in to Jameson Irish Whiskey, Ireland’s number one selling Whiskey brand worldwide. If you are lucky – you are selected to participate in a tutored whiskey comparison, in which Jameson is compared with Scotch and American whiskeys.

3._Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle is situated in the middle of the town and dates back to the 1200’s. Dublin Castle is home for many ceremonies and stately visits.

4._Dublin Writers Museum

Many of the Irish writers are world famous. In this Museum you will learn about authors like Jonathan Swift(Gulliver’s Travels), Oscar Wilde, George Bernhard Shaw, William Butler Yeats, Samuel Becket and James Joyce.  Also see Walking Tours of Dublin.

Bram Stoker lived in Dublin

5. _Walking Tours of Dublin

Dublin is perfect to explore by foot and there are many walking tours to take you around the town, here are some examples:

Dublin Literary Pub Crawl. A Pub Crawl that takes you from pub to pub where professional actors perform works of Dublin’s world known writers, Joyce, Becket, Brendan Behan and Oscar Wilde.

1916 Rebellion Walking Tours. Many people have seen the film Michael Collins with the actor Liam Neeson dramatising the 1916 Easter Rising, an important event in the history of the Republic of Ireland. This tour has got excellent reviews and leads you in the footsteps of this historical event.

Pat Liddy’s Walking Tours. Pat Liddy is a Local character, historian, writer and artist that show you the real spirit of Dublin, which many tourists might miss during a brief stay.

Night at temple bar Dublin

6._Temple Bar

Temple Bar is the hip, bohemian area on the south bank of the river Liffey. The area has an overflow of pubs, restaurants and small boutiques and is busting with life, crammed with buskers and other street artists. Temple Bar is a perfect place to sit down for a coffee or a pint and watch people or just enjoy the famous Irish craic(fun).  Not far from the area is the Clarence, also known as “the U2 hotel”, rock musicians Bono’s and The Edge’s luxury hotel. From temple bar it is not far to find the beautiful Ha’Penny Bridge, the 1816 pedestrian bridge in cast iron crossing the River Liffey.

Wellington Monument Phoenix Park Dublin

7._Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is the lungs of Dublin and the largest enclosed park in Europe. Here the Dubliners love to take their families on their time off. In the Park you will find  the official residence of the President of Ireland (open for visitors), Dublin Zoo, the Victorian Tea Rooms and Farmleigh House, formerly the residence of the wealthy Guinness family(open for visitors). The Park hosts many events like concerts, festivals and fairs. It is located about 3 kilometres from the city centre.

8._The Trinity College and the book of Kells

Dublin’s famous college with a grand architecture has seen famous graduates like Jonathan Swift, Samuel Becket and Bram Stoker, the writer of the first Vampire novel Dracula. The beautiful library is a must with the Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript Gospel Book, created by Celtic monks in the 9th century, widely regarded as Ireland’s finest national treasure.

9. _Johnnie Fox’s Pub

Established in 1798, claimed to be the highest situated Pub in Ireland, 25-35 minutes drive from the city centre. Many of the world’s most famous state’s men and film stars had a pint here. The Pub is full of Irish antiques. One of the more peculiar things you find here is the ashes in a bottle of an American man who always wanted to see Johnnie Fox’s Pub but never made it in life. Expect traditional Irish music and dancing here. Great food.

10._Dublin’s Theatres

Dublin host’s world famous theatre’s like the Abbey Theatre and the Gate Theatre that has seen many world famous actors. Did you know that Orson Welles and James Mason started their careers here? Often Hollywood actors are on the bill so keep your eyes open when you are in Dublin and feel like watching a play. Riverdance is a frequent guest during the summer months at the Gaiety Theatre. There are also a number of musicals to enjoy in Dublin with London West End stars doing a stint here.

Ha’Penny bridge Dublin

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