Five Easy Day Trips From Prague

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Marienbad Czech Republic
Marienbad Czech Republic
Kutná Whore

Kutná Whore is a World Heritage City with a beautiful well-preserved centre, interesting churches and museums, seventy kilometres east of Prague. Kutná Whore can be reached by train or bus in about an hour.

Karl Stein

Karl Stein is mighty fairy tale fortress, 20 kilometres southwest of Prague. The Castle takes visitors and just looks fabulous from a distance. Built in the 1300s, but most of what you can see today was built in the 1900s. Along the road from the station to the castle are plenty of restaurants. Karl Stein is easily reached by local trains.


Therezin was a former military fortress and adjacent walled garrison town converted by  the Nazis to concentration camp. Not even 20 percent of the 140.000 people who were forced to Therezin survived the war. The town has several monuments and museums and can be reached in an hour by bus from Florenc bus station in Prague.


Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad)

Health resort from the 1600s, 14 kilometres west of Prague, also known by its German name, Carlsbad. Here are a number of swimming pools. Many people will still come here to drink the water. The city is famous for its porcelain, glass and popular herbal liquor called Becherovka. Bus or train from Prague takes about 2 hours.


Marienbad is an elegant spa town, which always has attracted Europe’s rich crowd, today many newly rich Russians. Among the many beautiful buildings is the large cast-iron colonnade, built in the 1800s. Marienbad is located 170 km west of Prague and is accessible by bus or train for a few hours.