Normandy – The Tourist Destination for History Fanatics

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Normandy, found in northern France is well-known for the D-Day landing of the allied forces in WW II. The area’s rich historic offerings makes it a outstanding travel destination for history fanatics and those who want’s to get away for a trip in Europe.

Boasting remarkable scenery with stunning shoreline, rugged cliffs and green valleys, Normandy is an ideal destination for those who love stunning natural scenery. Touring is also a delight in the area with its many picturesque cities, vivid market scene, amazing architecture as well as gorgeous parks and gardens. And, those who are enthusiastic about art are in for a big treat simply because some of the best works of world-renowned masters such as Monet, Turner and Sisley have been inspired by the area’s natural beauty.

Normandy is split into two regions: Upper Normandy and Lower Normandy both providing a diversified set of breathtaking landscapes and amazing attractions, which makes choosing between these two areas a challenging thing to do. Upper Normandy is made up by the departments of Eure and Seine-Maritime covering the towns of Evreux , Giverny, Dieppe, Le Havre and Rouen. The area is recognized for its breathtaking landscapes that have influenced many famous impressionist artists. The town of Giverny, in specific, is a well-liked tourist destination for fans of the great Monet. During summer, you will find a long line of eager visitors patiently waiting outside his residence to see artifacts of his genius.

Gothic Architecture

If you want to see wonderful gothic cathedral then a stop by to Evreux is also a must. However, Rouen – with a hundred church towers covering its skyline – is still the supreme destination for Gothic architecture. If you love castle ruins, do not miss a visit to Les Andelys where you can discover Richard the Lionheart’s Chateau Gaillard and bask in the glorious surroundings of the Seine at the same time. Of course, the fascinating white cliffs of Etretat are a must when in the area. If you are coming from Paris and want a laid back sojourn by the beach front in a charming small town, then Dieppe – the Parisians’ favorite – makes for a rewarding visit.

Caen and Calvados

Now as for the Lower Normandy , on the other hand, it is composed of the departments of Orne, Manche and Cavaldos, covering the popular towns of Caen, Honfleur , Bayeux and Mont Saint Michel among others. Cavaldos is home to the historic D-Day Beaches where the allied troops landed for Operation Overlord. Caen is the perfect starting to explore these historic beaches. If you are more willing to leisure visits rather than historical jaunts, then head to the beautiful seaside towns of Deauville, Trouville and Honfleur – the points of interest of the Flowered Coast. Then, there is Manche – famous for the Abbey of Mont Saint Michel, dramatically suspended on a rocky hill and famous for its incredible architecture. Another dont-miss architectural attraction worth your time in the region is the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Coutances.