Parked Car Rolls Back up the Magic Hill in Ireland

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Where: Magic Hill Jenkinstown, Cooley Peninsula, Co. Louth, Ireland

You probably heard about this phenomena before. You park your car at the bottom of a hill, turn of the engine, put the gear in neutral and watch the car roll up the hill! Is it Earth magnetism, an optical Illusion or Leprechauns pulling your leg(car)? Magic Hill is such a place but you need to use the old Irish traditional way to find which is a bit magic in itself.

How to find it:

Exit at the M1 at Junction 18 north of Dundalk where you head the R 173 towards Carlingford about 7 miles from the junction you will find Jenkinstown. 

  1. Find Mc Crystals shop and petrol pumps.
  2. Go into the shop and ask Tom where it is.

It works and it is the charm of rural Ireland.