Party like Lady GaGa in Berlin

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The cool and trendy people has sniffed up Berlin as their creative playground. Ironically Berlin was the place to be almost hundred years ago during the Weimar epoque, so there must be something. Bossops pick five hot clubs in Berlin where you can dance your night away and say, “I was there ” to your grand children.

1. Berghain / Panorama Bar

One of the world’s most legendary and well-known techno clubs is located in the former East Berlin, housed in an old power station from the GDR period. Just as spectacular and mysterious as its reputation. It might also be good to remember that Berghain is originally a gay bar and it is reflected in the clientèle. Expect “Studio 54 treatment” at the door. This is the place where Lady GaGa likes to party.

Address: Wriezener Bahnhof, Friedrichshain.

2. Watergate

One of the most popular clubs in Berlin is at the River Spree, renowned for its panoramic windows overlooking the river and a huge light display that extends from the DJ booth and out across the large dance floor. The audience is a mix of pretty much non-Germans, or as Berliners call anyone who does not speak German, tourists.

Address: Falck Steinstrasse 49, Kreuzberg.

3. Picknick

Picknick has been the darling of the young trendy blog-fashionista for quite some time, where release parties for new brands, design projects and photo exhibitions are on the programme.  Expect stylish parties and posing in this place among the grand government buildings, not far from Brandenbuger Tor.

Address: Rosenmönstrade 90,

4. Kater Holzig

This place is picking up from the legendary Bar 25, known as the most surreal and hedonistic party place in Berlin.  Kater Holzig has a rough interior with well known Techno and House Djs.  The club is not for beginners with a tough policy at the door and inside you find a very liberal attitude concerning drugs and other things that might be harmful to your health.

Address: Michaelkirchstrasse 23, Friedrichshain,

5. Cookies

Just off Friedrichstraße this club without a sign is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, has become a Berlin establishment staying around for 15 years. The layout of Cookies is pro, with a small room designated to hip hop, indie and electro. There is also a bigger room palying house and tech-house. The unisex bathrooms at the rear of the huge room are always full of flirting Berliners, relaxing on couches and generally acting out.

Address: Friedrichstrasse 158-164