Plan your visit to Disneylands Paris’s 20th anniversary

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The amusement park Disneyland Paris was opened in 1992 and has since been an enormously attractive tourist destination, popular with families with children but you will also have surprisingly good fun as an adult. Disneyland Paris is located outside Paris  in Marne-la-Vallee and is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year. The complex has 47 different rides and is divided into two parks; the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios. Disneyland Paris is so much more than just rides, there is definitely something for everyone.

To start with Disneyland Paris it is divided into five different areas, Frontier land, Adventure land, Fantas yland, Discovery land and the Main Street USA.

Visitors to Frontier land will get a taste of what America could look like back in the 1900s. Big thunder mountain mine train roller coaster is one of the best roller coasters at Disneyland Paris. You can also board the steamboat Mark Twain for a slow ride.

In Adventure land you have the opportunity to get acquainted with pirates(unfortunately not Johnny Depp) also prepare yourself for a whip-cracking adventure as you enter the Indiana Jones styled roller coaster “Temple of Peril” where you find yourself in a runaway wagon speeding through ancient ruins.

Peter Pan attacked by Pirates in Fantasy Land attacked by Pirates in Disneyland Paris

The zone with most attractions is yet Fantasyland with the Sleeping Beauty Castle, Peter Pan’s Flight, Pinocchio’s Fantastic Journey,  take a non-stop flights of fantasy with Dumbo the Flying Elephant, meet Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or whirl on The Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups. Surely most parents will have some connections here.

Main Street USA is built to like an American city in the 1920’s. Stroll past the Victorian storefront windows of The Emporium and Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts. If you visit the Main Street USA, do not miss to go on the horse-drawn carriage along the main street.

In Discovery Land you can travel through in time and space. Here is the roller coaster Space Mountain: Mission 2 among other attractions. You can also bump in to Buzz Lightyear.

At Walt Disney Studios, the second of the two parks at Disneyland Paris you will learn how the Disney movies are made. Those who are eager to ride a carousel will not be dissatisfied, there are  14 rides  to choose from.  Walt Disney Studios is divided into different zones;  Frontlot, Backlot, Production Courtyard, Animation Courtyard and Toon Studio. In each zone, you will get an insight in  animation and special effects.

If you intend to spend more than a day at Disneyland Paris, it might be a good idea to book on one the seven different hotels situated close to Disneyland Paris with names like Cheyenne, Davy Crocket Ranch and Santa Fee.  The hotels are in different price ranges  to fit most budgets and preferences.

Be aware that there are different types of admission tickets. If you intend to visit Disneyland Paris for several days you can save money by buying a ticket lasting the stay instead of buying a new one every day.  Disneyland Paris is a huge area so if you plan to stay for only one day you better plan in advance what you want to see. You will not be alone at Disneyland Paris and the cues can sometimes be long. Consider getting Fast pass tickets  available on the most popular rides. These tickets enable you to skip the main queue! Another tip is to check the safety restrictions before you cue. Some rides doesn’t take children under a certain length and this can be frustrating to find out when you are ready to board the ride.

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