Planeteer: Paris ‘ghost stations’, Aboriginal history documented, anti-Valentine’s day guidelines in Malaysia

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Drina Bridge, Visegrad. Image by Julijan Nyča / CC BY 2.0Balkan history expert to do on-site lectures for travellers

An innovative tour around Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Bosnia, organised by a Dutch travel company, brings along an expert in Balkan history from De Montford University in the UK to give on-site lectures at important historic sites in the region. One of these sites is Višegrad, the setting and inspiration for the Nobel Prize-winner Ivo Andric’s novel The Bridge on the Drina. Read more:

Russia to introduce fingerprinting for visa applicants
Russia will follow the example of western countries such as the UK and the US and introduce collecting biometric data for visa applicants from 1 July 2014. Under a pilot project, fingerprinting will be launched for visa applications in Russian consulates in the UK, Denmark, Myanmar and Namibia, and at border control at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport. Read more:

More suspected ‘Nazi art’ found in Salzburg
Reclusive art collector, Cornelius Gurlitt, has been found to have 60 works of suspected Nazi looted art hoarded in his home in Salzburg, Austria. Picassos, Monets and Renoirs are among the works found. This is the second finding of Gurlitt’s art stash after tax investigators found artworks at an estimated €1 billion in his home in Munich in 2012. Authorities are now investigating whether they were seized by the Nazis or legitimately acquired. Read more


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