Planeteer: Spain’s parliament rejects vote on Catalonia independence, 121 hikers rescued in Hawaii, take a tour of Britain’s accents

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Catalonia is seeking independence from Spain. Image by SBA73 / CC BY-SA 2.0

Catalonia’s independence vote ruled unconstitutional
Spain’s parliament has rejected Catalonia’s request for a vote on independence, ruling that the vote is outside of the current constitution. Opponents are unhappy that a yes vote by Catalonia would have implications for the whole of Spain. The decision is likely to cause further divisions in Spain, and Catalonia has vowed to go ahead with the vote in November regardless. Read

Norwegian police release photos of amnesiac
Photos of a man discovered in Oslo have been released by police in the hope of establishing his identity. The man was found in ‘a bad condition’ in a snow drift in the city in December and has no recollection of who he is. He believes he was bound and drugged prior to being discovered, and police think he may be from eastern Europe. Read more:

Berlin’s overdue airport requests €1.1 billion bailout
The supervisory committee for Berlin’s overdue and overbudget BER airport has requested a further €1.1 billion to complete the project. Originally slated to open in June 2012, sources on the project claimed in March that the airport was just ’4% ready’. The airport has so far cost €4.7 billion. Read more:

Statue of a Black Watch soldier set for Belgium’s WWI centenary
A bronze statue of a Black Watch soldier made by an Edinburgh sculptor is heading to Belgium. The statue will be part of events marking the WWI centenary and commemorates the 8960 soldiers and officers who were killed, and 20,000 who were wounded, in the battle. It will be unveiled in May at Black Watch Corner in Ypres. Read more:


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