Planeteer: Windsurfing in Turkmenistan, mosquito mayhem in France, New York’s $250 burger

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Scotland’s Secret Bunker. Image by B4bees / CC BY 2.0

Secret nuclear command centre re-opens
A Cold War nuclear command centre in Scotland has re-opened after refurbishments to mark its 20th anniversary as an attraction. Visitors to Scotland’s Secret Bunker in Fife can now see the equipment that connected the 2800 phone lines, as well as exploring the corridors and dormitories from where top politicians would have governed in the event of nuclear war. Read more:

Europe’s largest land dinosaur discovered in Portugal
Scientists have announced the discovery of a previously unknown dinosaur, after studying bones found near LisbonTorvosaurus gurneyi may have been Europe’s largest land predator, weighing 4 tonnes and measuring 10m long. With sharp teeth up to 10cm in length, the dinosaur is thought to have been near the top of the food chain and to have hunted other large dinosaurs. Read

Mosquito mayhem in the south of France
Due to wet and mild weather this winter in the south of France, along with stagnant water left over from the storms, there’s been no respite from the biting mosquitos. Along the Mediterranean coast they have been very active since mid-February, much earlier than usual. In Gironde, the department has been put on a list of alerts for mosquito-borne diseases, such as dengue fever, as there is a strong risk of more tiger mosquitoes – although no cases have been reported in mainland France yet. Read more:

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