Slovenia – Active Holiday with the Alps and Sea

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Neighbouring Italy, Austria and having a coastline to the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia crams in everything you can wish for an active holiday. 

Wherever you turn, everything is lush greenery. Slovenia has a rapidly-changing landscape with few rivals  in the world. The changing scenery presents enormous opportunities for active recreation. Slovenia is laced with rivers, making it an attraction for many seekers of an active lifestyle including numerous elite athletes from around the world.

Summer and Winter Sports Paradise

To a greater part of Slovenia’s visitors, the options for outdoor activity stand for a real uncovering in the most varied, but always unmistakably, green landscapes. Slovenia has the Julian Alps with their skiing slopes and other winter sport areas, the sea with excellent wind for sailing amongst other sports, the Pannonian basin valleys for cyclists, and underground Karst wonders and original limestone gorges for the more daring sportsperson in search of new experiences.

Rowing boats to take you over to the Church of the Assumption Lake Bled Slovenia
Rowing boats to take you over to the Church of the Assumption Lake Bled Slovenia

The regional wide variety, the exceptional forest coverage, the array of water places, and the contrast of four seasons have constantly inspired Slovenians to accomplish great things. Triumphs and records in various sporting disciplines have always been linked to Slovenians respect for nature. Slovenia is a green country. With forest areas, the luxury of pure waters, the preservation of extraordinary biotic diversity, and the dedication to ecological tourism, it is destined to stay the green gem of Europe. Offering wonderful opportunities for sports and recreation slovenia has been an attractive destination for hikers, cyclists, and lovers of various water sports for decades. Golf courses invite you to explore the country in all its regional and cultural diversity. In winter, ski slopes provide for a range of exciting recreational activities.

Inspiration can be found anywhere: in views from your window, the local food on your plate, and fantastic wine in your glass, in every breath among forests, in the drop of water on your skin, in the breeze that blows in your direction, in the darkness of the mysterious Karst cave, in the edge of the city touching the forests and in the sun lurking behind Alpine peaks. This is a country for curious and demanding people who want to experience a place with their entire being.

Alps, Green Forests, Wild Rivers and the Mediterranean Sea

It has the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian basin, and the mysterious Karst. In the northwest, the Alps shine with their geologically-young peaks and verdant valleys between them; in the northeast, the Pohorje mountains stand with ancient dome-like hills. The forests, which slowly give way to snow-covered peaks above Bled, reflect beautifully in the water of the lake – often considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

In terms of the quantity of river water per capita, Slovenia is among the richest European countries. Picturesque mountain streams, intermittent natural sources, and mighty waterfalls are to found throughout the land. Many of these sources are easily accessible via marked paths; the emerald Soča, and beautiful Savinja present particular highlights.

Wintertime in Ljubjana
Wintertime in Ljubjana

Activities Everywhere

Everything is easily accessible from the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. It is only 50 kilometers away from the splendors of the Karst with its luxurious underground caves and the very special traditions of the Lipica stud farm. In another direction, it is only a two-hour drive to the natural and ethnographic peculiarities of the Pannonia basin and vineyard hills in the country’s east. On your way there, spend some time in Ptuj, the country’s most historic city, or in Maribor, it’s second largest, which is a European Capital of Culture in 2012. The rapidly-changing terrain offers many recreational options. Arguably, the Karst only appears in all its true glory when observed from the back of a horse, Maribor when seen from a river raft, and Ptuj from the picturesque golf courses.

The successes of Slovenian athletes reflect the nature of Slovenia in a particular way. The first medals won by independent Slovenia were in rowing – athletes who began their sporting careers outdoors on lakes. Bled Lake hosted the World Rowing Championships in the summer of 2011.

Old Mill in the River Kolpa area Slovenia
Old Mill in the River Kolpa area Slovenia

Slovenia is the land of tourism dedicated to preserving natural beauty. A large part of Slovenia is designated as protected. Fantastic experiences are possible even on the edges of Triglav National Park, one of the oldest such parks in Europe, or on the edge of Solčavsko with the Logarska dolina Landscape Park. Both regions have been awarded European Destination of Excellence (EDEN) status. The Soča Valley offers exhilaration on the water, in narrow ravines, and in the skies above – along with exceptional opportunities for historical exploration on the routes between World War I memorials. Logarska dolina is one of the most recognizable natural gems of Slovenia, while the panoramic route that leads to Solčavsko just above it guarantees an experience to remember. Around here, mountain farms preserve their traditions and homemade specialties. Even before independence in 1991, the reputation of Slovenia had been established by Alpine skiers, who brought medals from winter Olympic Games and skiing world cups. Accolades were also garnered from the Vitranc cup in Kranjska Gora, a popular Slovenian sports and recreational venue for many years, and from the Golden Fox Trophy on Mariborsko Pohorje – the pretty ski slopes in the near vicinity of Maribor. Winter winners also include our ski jumpers who have developed their world-class skills for decades in Planica, while Slovenian female cross-country skiers may be found training at the modern stadium in Rogla, and biathletes at home in the Pokljuka.

Relaxation and Natural Spas

Along the coast, relax and regain your strength thanks to the Mediterranean climate and the riches of the Adriatic Sea or, alternatively, revive your spirit in one of the many spa and wellness centers throughout the country. The basis for the spas, which offer medical prevention, remedial, and numerous attractive alternative programs for the preservation of wellbeing, is the abundance of natural thermal springs.

Relaxation feels best after exploration of natural and cultural splendors, which are close by every Slovenian spa. The pleasure is further intensified by Slovenian cuisine and wines. They help restore strength for new challenges and activities that every day brings in Slovenia.

Natural spas in a special Mediterranean climate can be discovered on the Adriatic shore, throughout vine-covered hills in the east or south of Slovenia, in the Pannonian basin, in the shelter of the Pohorje or near the old cities. Each and every one of them will surprise you with something. Find one for yourself: .

In addition to splendid accommodation options with custom-prepared meals, these selected centers throughout Slovenia offer high-standard sports facilities and organized sport grounds for various disciplines. They are the right choice for high-altitude training, offer natural environments for core training, and easily fulfill a variety of professional needs at different times of the performance cycle. Athletes will find the perfect surroundings for successful preparation – special purpose centers include:
– Olympic Sports Centre Planica – simulation of altitude conditions in several rooms, gym, fitness area, outdoor fields, and various nearby surfaces, massage, and testing areas,

– Pokljuka Sports Centre – new external surfaces for biathlon, cross-country skiing, and other sports, and indoor fitness facilities,

– Pohorje–Maribor – football camp Arena and Bolfenk and other sports and accompanying facilities,

– Rogla Olmypic Centre – noted climate spa with Top Sport choices for athletes, with altitude rooms and various sports surfaces for year-round and winter preparations,

– Kranjska Gora – winter and year-round sports surfaces, new sports hall Vitranc, and hotel selection for specific needs,


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