Tamilnadu Tourist in The Southernmost State of India

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(TRAVPR.COM) INDIA – June 13th, 2012 – Well known as the Land of Temples and the Land of Enduring Heritage, Tamil Nadu is a fable in itself. Every brick with which it is etched has a tale to tell, it is a land where spirituality dwells in every nook and corner; it is the most enchanting southernmost state of India. A lot popular among the native as well as the global tourists this place it dotted with picturesque landscapes and trekking trails and it is also known for its local delicacies that serve as gastronomic treats for the food lovers. A traveler can best explore this fascinating place with Tamilnadu Tourism which will be an ideal way of discovering this land blessed with nature’s bounty, spirituality and serenity.

Tourist Places in Tamil Nad

Panoramic natural vistas, exotic flora and fauna, pristine beaches, magnificent temples and the list goes on, Tamil Nadu is the place which is blessed with every element that makes it the most clement, serene and the most soothing place to be in. Sharing its borders with the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, its shores beckon the tourist to come and witness the fascinating delights of this place. Dotted with some of the most famous temples, beaches, and sites, Tamil Nadu is not less than an ultimate escapade. Tourists can indulge themselves in adventure sports like paragliding, surfing, parasailing and other recreational activities as well. Tourist places in Tamilnadu are truly rare in their own form and are living examples of mesmerizing beauty.

Tamilnadu Temples

The Land of Temples, Tamil Nadu is a home to not less than 30,000 temples some of which are more than a thousand years old and are architectural marvels in themselves. Tamilnadu Temples make this land a holistic land that carries spiritual relevance; decked with alluring features the temples here stand tall as the living testimony of the Dravidian art and architecture. They portray spectacular piece of art and are true inspirations for the architects and art lovers all around the world.

Tamilnadu hill stations

Have you ever witnessed awe inspiring beauty from close quarters? If not then your visit to the Tamilnadu hill stations is mandatory. Each and every specter of the hill stations here will tranquilize you and will transport you into a land where beauty is all which you will witness in the floating clouds, misty valleys, cascading water streams, lush green meadows and blooming wild flowers. All the travelers who are weary of the monotonous city life take a route to the Hill stations of Tamil Nadu and rejuvenate your being.

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