Top 10 Family Destinations in Thailand

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Thailand is arguably the best place to spend a holiday if you are a family. There is an abundance of fabulous destinations for both parents and children to enjoy. You only have to decide if your holiday is going to be lazy days on the beach, sightseeing, shopping or a combination of them all. Here is a list of top ten tourist destinations for families with kids.

 1. Koh Samui

Koh Samui is the perfect place to spend a family holiday during Europe’s summer months. The Hotels at the Beach are located like a string of pearls along the coast where you can enjoy beautiful white sand beaches with some of Thailand’s clearest and purest water. The typical accommodation available ranges from simple bungalows to five star resorts where you can pass yourself among luxury. At the evenings you will find plenty of restaurants with something to suit every one – young as old. During day time you can enjoy tropical waterfalls, elephant rides, snake charmers, race go-carts or watching buffalo-fights being a big event on the island where the winner can get up to hundred thousand.

 2. Phuket

Phuket is the most popular tourist destination in Thailand with beautiful sun-drencehd beaches inviting you to loads of activities in the water or on the beach. Phuket has been dubbed the “Pearl of the South” which commands a great responsibility that actually proves to come through. Here is everything a family with children could wish for. The latest addition is the water park “Splash Jungle Water Park” situated on the north side of the island by West Sands, Mai Khao Beach. Here the family easily can spend the whole day. Your children will probably nag you to return the next day. The admission to the the Splash Jungle Water Park might seem expensive but bare in mind that all the attractions are included for a whole day.


3. Bangkok

It might surprise you to find Bangkok this high upon the list, but the fact is there are few capital cities that offer such a wide a range of activities as Bangkok. Here you will find great shopping and restaurants for the whole family with highlights including magnificent temples and shrines along the city and its outskirts, built in a truly captivating oriental architectural style. You will also find a number of places to visit within an hour’s journey from the city that will entertain the whole family. Do not miss the Siam Ocean World.

4. Pattaya

Along the southeast side of the Gulf of Siam you will find the site offering the most for a vacationing family. Here are cool water parks, Zoos, miniature cities, floating markets, an observation tower with wires connecting to the ground for transport of prospective visitors, either hanging freely or in a metal basket. There are over 300 affordable hotels to choose from to suit vacationing families of all sizes. There are also a large number of markets and shopping malls with astonishing low prices. Lots of affordable restaurants are serving Thai delicacies as well as having pizzas and burgers on the menu.

5. Koh Chang

Koh Chang has a marine national park attracting thousands of visitors from around the world every year. The island has been nicknamed “the last unspoiled paradise” since most of the island is still undeveloped. The reason for this is large areas being National Parks and can not be built upon, so this is the place to enjoy untouched nature and beautiful long beaches that invites for somersaults and sand castle building. Koh Chang is the perfect hideaway for families who want a quiet and peaceful holiday. Further down the island you will find beautifully designed bungalows suitable for a Robinson Crusoe life style with peace and contemplation. Waterfalls and excursions to neighbouring islands are among other things not to be missed.

6. Ao Nang and Krabi

Ao Nang and Krabi – a paradise attracting many people admiring it’s beautiful coastline with beautiful islands. Phi Phi Island is located just a few hours away and is home to some of the most beautiful of beaches as seen in the film “The Beach” with Leonardo di Caprio. The beaches here are the perfect postcard with swaying coconut palms and the bright blue sea. Krabi has for long been a favourite spot for vacationing families with children.

7. Koh Phangan and Koh Tao

Koh Phangan and Koh Tao are two islands just off Koh Samui, which has retained a laid-back atmosphere. Phangan is said to be one of Thailand’s most affordable islands to live on. Most revolve around activities on the beach but there are a few  things to do if your little ones get restless. Spend a half day on elephant back or check out fantastic waterfalls. A different way to spend time together is cooking Thai food. Here you find Thai cooking classes teaching you the Thai cooking basics and the family will get together to learn how to cook several dishes to impress your friends with once you come home. Archery, quad bike or paintball are other activities available on the island.

8. Chiang Mai

Eighth Chiang Mai is a popular tourist destination, largely because of the wonderful shopping that you can experience here. A 20-Bahts-bill, can buy you a lot in the market. If the family decide that the beaches will not occupy the entire holiday, there is a lot to do. There are tours to see waterfalls never before seen, and temples second to none to visit. There is an aquarium and Zoo, which offers it’s visitors tours both day and night, if you can stay awake. If you do not suffer from vertigo you will have the opportunity to swing from tree to tree with the “Flight of the Gibbon”.

 9. Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a place that combines both entertainment and vacation. This is the place to try out several sports with a large part of them taking place on the beach. Children can ride on horses, try flying Kites or the whole family can swing some golf clubs at one of the nine golf courses nearby. Golf is the most famous sport in Hua Hin, but there’s much more to explore. Pa La U Waterfall is a must for any visitor to Hua Hin and Kaeng Krachan National Park which is Thailand’s largest national park, only a few miles north of Hua Hin. Here you can see beautiful waterfalls, wild elephants, deer, tigers, bears and gibbons. Or why not try the “Floatel” where you live on a raft at La U reservoir.

10. Koh Lanta

Here you find the most northerly beaches having the most visitors. If you like it more quite, try the beaches in the south. The further down, the less people on the beaches. For children you find; elephant trekking, caves to explore, mini-golf and the Lanta snake show, for those not suffering from ophiophobia. You can also explore the neighbouring island of Koh Haa for fishing or canoeing in the mangrove swamps. There is something for everyone on Lanta. Here you find shallow beaches ideal for families with very young children. A peaceful and harmonious existence awaits you at Koh Lanta.


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