Tourist attractions in Alanya

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In Alanya you can easily reach a variety of attractions just beyond the city limits when you want to pause from beach life.

Syedra is one of countless ancient ruins in Turkey. The relatively unknown and only partially excavated city lies on a hillside just east of Alanya. The road up to the ruins is a steep cattle track. Discover Byzantine churches, swimming pools and parade routes lined with pillars. A peaceful outdoor experience, also the history adventure.

View over the Cleopatra-beach in Alanya, Turkey.
View over the Cleopatra-beach in Alanya, Turkey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pear Stone Caves

Syedra flourished when the Roman general Mark Antony gave away Alanya as a gift to his beloved beautiful Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Perhaps she was here sometime and saw the mighty Alanya cliff and felt the sand between your toes on the beach which today bears her name. It is arguably the best of all charter frequented beaches in Turkey. In the middle of summer it becomes full among the loungers, but you can find quieter areas to the far west.

Damlataş Cave in Alanya, Turkey. Discovered in...
Damlataş Cave in Alanya, Turkey. Discovered in 1948, it became popular tourist destination starting in the 1950s. The Turkish name, Damlataş Magarasi means “Cave of Dripping Stones.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Floral splendor

To the east the new urban park lines the wide beach with floral displays and sculptures. Just where the beach meets the Alanya Rock there is a stalactite cave, worth a visit if you’ve never seen one before. There is a much more interesting stalactite cave near the river Dimcay, a bit outside of town.

Turkish daily life

Although Alanya is overrun by tourists in the high summer, there are nice Turkish everyday life just a block up from the beach. Here tailors alters your clothes for just a fraction of the cost at home. Restaurants like Dumanlar and Güven Lokantasi serves the best and most reasonably priced Turkish food. Here Anatolians in traditional baggy clothes blends with modern Turkish men and women.
Most tourists sits at the restaurants along the Cleopatra Beach and the harbor, or on some of the slightly better dining options in a couple of the very few old houses that survived the city’s rapid growth, includes the popular Ottoman House.

Party in the harbor

When darkness falls places like Bistro Bellman Bar, Robin Hood, Doors Rock Bar and Havana Club gets packed with party goers, all gathered near the port where the tour boats dock. If you are out to sea during the evenings the atmosphere is really good on some boats, where brilliant Viking sculptures are placed on classical Turkish wooden gület boats.

Up on top

The Cleopatra beach as seen from the Alanya Castle
The Cleopatra beach as seen from the Alanya Castle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The best view over Alanya is from the viewpoint along the road straight up in the mountains north of the town. The mountains protects from the north wind, and provides a mild winter climate. The comfortable air attracts many Alanya citizens who buy summer houses.
You can also take the city bus along a winding road to the top of Alanya Rock, crowned by an impressive Seljuk fortress from the 1200s. Here you can see how the mountains restricts Alanya’s growth northward. Though it is the ocean and beach that draws visitors, we may in 20 years sees a city that not only extends a few mil along the coast, but rather has grown to double.

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