Whale Watching in Ireland

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Ireland is a fantastic destination for whale watching in the inshore waters of Cork, Waterford and Wexford where you can spot

Fin Whale feeding
Fin Whale feeding (Photo credit: padraic woods)

fin and humpback whales. Minke whales are present year round and orcas are regulars up and down the west coast in the summer. Harbour porpoise and bottlenose dolphins can be viewed from the shore, as can the above-mentioned whales with binoculars or a telescope. Offshore waters boast sperm, pilot and blue whales.

Best months to watch certain species:

  • March to May – Risso’s Dolphins
  • March to November – Minke Whales
  • April to July – Basking Sharks
  • July to August – Atlantic Sunfish
  • August to December – Common Dolphins
  • September to December – Fin Whales
  • November to January – Humpback Whales

Expeditions West Cork Marine Tours (+86 327 3226, whales-dolphins-ireland.com) offers trips year-round, but whales won’t be spotted in March/April. Peak season is September-November. Adults €30, children €20. Also in Union Hall, Whale Watch West Cork (+86 120 0027,whalewatchwestcork.com). Adults €40, children €20

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